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Bought this last week, so far very pleased with it. Synced easily with sky box, netflix and apple tv...

Caramel Slice
32″ The Frame Full HD Smart QLED TV
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This size is very good for lounge room without dominating the room. Remote is so easy to use.

Annie M
40″ S615 Full HD LED LCD TV
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I was a plasma tv owner. Oled is the only technology that comes close to the natural colours and deep blacks of plasma.

Paul C
48″ C1 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV
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Great TV for a bright room. Google TV a bit slow and takes some getting used to. Remote needs numbers as a bit onerous to change free to air channels.

65″ C835 4K Ultra HD Smart LED LCD TV
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The TV you buy should fit your entertainment needs and the space you have. When shopping around, ask yourself how you would use your TV and what features and functions will enhance your home entertainment.
There’s a plethora of TV features to look out for. Some of these include resolution, screen panel, upscaling, smart TV access, connectivity options and lifestyle functions.
OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) and QLED (Quantum Dot LED TV) are distinct TV technologies.
- OLED utilizes self-emissive pixels that emit their own light, resulting in deep blacks and excellent contrast, while also offering wider viewing angles and faster response times.
- QLED employs a quantum dot layer illuminated by an LED backlight, delivering brighter images and enhanced colour accuracy, making it well-suited for well-lit environments and HDR content.
Finding the right TV size involves considering the dimensions of your room and how far you'll be sitting from the screen. For a cozy living room with a viewing distance of about 8-9 feet, a 60-inch to 70-inch TV could be a good fit.

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