Smooth and silky says it well. This is a great shaver.

Smooth & Silky Cordless Wet/Dry Shaver – White/Purple
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Even using the default settings the coffee is on par with take away coffee shop.

Barista Pro Pump Espresso Coffee Machine – Black
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Excellent machine with good base recipes to build upon. Peovided recipes are easily scalable.

Custom Loaf Pro 1.1kg Bread Maker – Brushed Stainless Steel
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Always been a fan of Sunbeam's products - this toaster isn't any exception - love the even toasting it has!

4Sl Toaster New York – Grey Reflective
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A small appliance is a benchtop kitchen appliance that helps you prepare meals, reheat and even cook meals. Common small appliances include toasters, mixers, slow cookers and coffee machines.
You should consider the size of the small appliance, the types of functions and features it has, included accessories, the colour and style options and if it’s easy to clean.
Toasters and kettles are must haves in any kitchen. Other small appliances will only suit if they will contribute to your needs, for example coffee machines for coffee drinkers and mixers for home cooks and bakers.
Many small appliances come in the same colour as their counterparts, for example a matching toaster and kettle. Many retailers may occasionally sell a matching bundle for easy styling.
This one’s completely up to you! Visit a retailer in store to see the product for yourself or view models on our website, view features, read reviews, all before buying them online or in store.

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