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Make spending time in the laundry as easy as possible by selecting the right laundry appliances to suit you and your lifestyle, through our buying guide and product reviews. These buying guides will give you helpful hints on which laundry solution will best suit your lifestyle, leaving you with more time to spend on more important things in life. When you’re considering updating your laundry, there are a few things you need to think about…

What is your laundry process?
If you’ve got a large family, you may find yourself doing multiple loads of washing per week so having a separate washer and dryer is essential. Perhaps you’ve got a busy household and a washer with different functionalities is what you need.
Function and Capacity
If you feel like you’re always washing for a whole grubby football team, then having a larger capacity washing machine with the right functions to give you whiter whites and brighter colours will make your job far easier. This is equally relevant for dryers with time-saving features such as anti-crease and quick dry. Other things you may want to look out for are delayed timers (useful for taking advantage of off-peak energy use), child locks, quick wash cycles and add an item to the wash doors.
Location and Style
Is your laundry hidden away, or is it out there for all to see? If it’s visible, then consider the look of the appliances and how they are housed. There are various ranges of matching washer dryers on the market, which add another level of style and sophistication to your laundry space.
Layout and Space
Will you be changing the layout of your laundry? You need to think about creating zones to make your space more efficient: a dirty zone, a clean zone and a workspace. When planning your laundry make sure you consider the dimensions of where you can fit your machines, water and electricity connections, as well as noise considerations if it’s in your living space or you have neighbours with adjoining walls.
What size washer or dryer suits your home?

4-7 kg

8+ kg

Quick Tip – Even if you’re not renovating, creating zones can be done in your existing space with labelled baskets and clever hooks that you can get at your local homewares store.

Now that you have an idea of how you’d like your laundry to function, it’s time to have a think about what you need from your machines…


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