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Floors get a big workout in any house. So why not make cleaning them quick and easy by investing in the right tools? It’ll save you the time to do the things you most enjoy in your beautifully clean house.

Firstly, let’s get an understanding of how your household works…

Layout and finishes
Do you have a lot of furniture or wide open spaces? Do you have stairs and lots of rooms? Are the ceilings high? What material is your floor? These things are necessary to consider when you’re in the market for a vacuum as there are quite a few extras that will assist you in cleaning your household, such as extendable wands.
When do you clean and how often? How do you like to clean? Do you prefer more or less tools to get the job done?
How busy is your household? Do you have children or pets? Are you constantly picking up Lego pieces or wiping up mud brought in from the football field? How often do you entertain or have kids’ play dates?
Do you have allergies to dust or pet hair? Do you need to be aware of safety feature for young children?

Now, let’s take a look at the different types of vacuums available, and when you’re ready to find your new vacuum, take a look at our floor care product reviews here.


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