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Well designed and engineered BBQ. Heats quickly, twin independent burners, thermometer, large oven space, and looks great.

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I bought this a mth ago & it looks modern, its easy to use & i love the storage room.

Rummy girl
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This product is the must have item on your deck for the next BBQ family event. Super efficient and easy to clean!

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I've been using this built-in BBQ for 4 months now and I'm very pleased! I usually cook sausages, steaks or chicken kebabs, and it does all of them really well.

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When shopping around for a new BBQ, you should consider the cooking space and capacity, whether you want the BBQ to be portable or fixed, the type of fuel you want to cook with and if you want extra features like built-in lights, rotisseries, a wok burner or heating racks.
Beefeater is an iconic Australian brand, known for their high-quality BBQs, BBQ accessories and outdoor kitchen products.
This will ultimately depend on your space and whether or not you want the BBQ to be moveable. If you only have a few people to feed, a compact freestanding BBQ will suffice and can be moved around the backyard. Portable BBQs are great if you want to BBQ on road trips or when camping.
Cooking on a gas BBQ will provide you with fast, high heat with instant control and the flame can often provide a taste that’s similar to charcoal. Electric cooking offers fast heat with constant power and it’s a great choice if you have limited outdoor space or live in an apartment.
The most easy to clean BBQ surfaces and grill grates are those made from Stainless Steel and Cast Iron. Keep an eye out for rust resistant Cast Iron cooktops for even longer and reliable results.

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