News from Europe’s Biggest Tech Show IFA

IFA is Europe’s biggest technology showcase event, held in Berlin every September, attracting major names and players in the industry. This year, IFA has put on their first fully in-person event since 2019.

At IFA 2022, there have been many big announcements made from brands such as LG, Miele, Bosch and Beko. Sustainability was the main theme throughout many product releases and technologies shared, with innovative lifestyle additions also the highlight of the 2022 IFA. Some of our team were fortunate to be at IFA and have shared the latest news to come from the event, check them out below.

From the laundry to refrigeration, and intelligent monitoring of energy consumption, reducing environmental impact is at the forefront of many of the technologies and innovations shared at IFA.

Sustainable Laundry

  • Beko’s Built-in Microplastic Filter: the team at Beko have shared a new way to wash your clothes and reduce plastic from entering wastewater and polluting the environment. The filter traps and collects synthetic clothing and textiles waste before it reaches our water ways and is consumed by marine life.

How the integrated microplastic filter works: this unique filter is placed in the detergent compartment and is automatically activated in the Easy Care, Shirts and Outdoor/ Sport programmes. During the wash cycle, water is passed through the filter so that up to 90% of the synthetic microfibres are captured before the water is pumped into the wastewater.

Above: The microplastic filter sits in the detergent compartment of the washing machine. (Images by: Beko)

  • AEG’s External Microplastic Filter: like Beko, AEG have also unveiled a type of filter to capture microplastic waste from your washing. The AEG retro-fit microfibre filter system is an external accessory that is made from at least 50% recycled plastic, making it a sustainable addition to any laundry. The filter prevents microplastic fibres released from synthetic clothing from entering the wastewater and the waterways. And once the filter is full, an indicator is shown, so that the unit can be cleaned for maximum effectiveness.

  • Bosch’s Next-Gen Washing Machines & Dryers: enjoy greater energy efficiency from Bosch’s new range of premium, efficient washing machines and dryers. A range of technologies ensures reliable laundry results without negative effects on the environment. For example, the i-DOS dosing technology reduces detergent waste while the new Mini Load delivers economical washing of smaller loads. Iron Assist easily removes wrinkles from fabrics, removing the need for ironing. Bosch’s Home Connect app also enables a smart way to manage laundry day, with communication between the washing machine and dryer for optimised programs, access to downloaded programs, notifications and much more.

Sustainable Refrigeration

  • Liebherr’s Recyclable Refrigeration Insulation: enjoy enhanced insulation with a fridge that boasts a larger internal capacity with Liebherr’s new BluRox material. BluRox is volcanic rock perlite that can be reused as opposed to conventional polyurethane (PU) foam that is traditionally used in fridges. Additionally, BluRox delivers greater energy efficiency as it locks in cool temperatures via a vacuum technique. Using BluRox in Liebherr fridges also means that the walls are thinner, providing greater cooling capacity within the fridge.

Smarter Cooking

  • Bosch’s New Series 8 Premium Ovens: master healthier home cooking with Bosch’s new range of ovens that boast both steam cooking and air frying cooking methods. The ‘Steam Function Plus’ provides steam cooking at up to 120˚C to deliver juicer roasts and enhanced preservation of your foods’ vitamins, nutrients, all the while retaining taste and texture. The Air Fry function produces crispy fried foods without the excess oil and with improved sensor technologies and a new camera in the Series 8 ovens, home cooks can enjoy a smarter way to make meals via the Home Connect App.

  • Miele’s HydroClean Ovens: HydroClean is a new self-cleaning oven technology from Miele that delivers simple and convenient cleaning of the oven’s interior. Used in conjunction with a specially developed liquid cleaner, HydroClean leave a permanent shine in the oven’s cavity. HydroClean works by mixing the cleaner formula with water before it is pumped to the top of the oven and sprayed evenly around the oven, softening and removing food soiling. This process is repeated several times before the foam is rinsed and drained off. Any hard-on food residue can be effortlessly wiped off. The HydroClean cleaning function ends with a short drying phase so that the oven remains clean and dry, ready for the next use.

Below: Enjoy easier cleaning with the new Miele HydroClean Ovens. (Images by: Miele)

  • Miele’s Consumption Dashboard: in Miele’s app, smarter and sustainable appliance monitoring is possible with the new Consumption Dashboard. The Consumption Dashboard displays the water and electricity used by the Miele dishwasher or washing machine during the program at the end of the cycle so users can view how efficient the process was. The dashboard also gives tips on how to save on resources and use the appliances more efficiently.

Vibrant & Colourful Cooling

  • LG’s MoodUp LED fridges: light up your kitchen with LG’s newly released MoodUp Fridge with LED door panels. This unique fridge is capable of rendering up to 22 colours and a variety of pre-sets to suit your mood, time of day and occasion. MoodUp’s LED panels have wide-ranging functions, from flashing to welcome an approaching person and blinking to indicate that the door is left open for too long. Users can also tap on the door panel to customise the colours or do this via the LG ThinQapp. MoodUp fridges also boast Bluetooth speakers so you can play music while you cook. LG’s MoodUp fridges will be available in two models: a quad-door fridge and a single-door fridge with two freezer compartments.

Above: LG’s MoodUp LED fridge artistically illuminates any kitchen. (Image by: LG)

New in Entertainment

Get bendy and watch TV or play games on a curved 4K OLED TV and enjoy greater immersion of your content with solar-powered earbuds. The future of entertainment is here to stay.

Flexible Viewing with LG’s Flex OLED TV
Doubling up as a curved 4K monitor, the LG Flex is a 42” OLED TV that can be curved towards you, providing an enhanced viewing and gaming experience. The TV is positioned on a stand with motorised arms that pushes the edges of the OLED panel, curving it forward with a maximum curve of 800R. Between the flat and curved position, there are 18 steps, so you can customise your viewing experience. Designed like the LG C2 OLED TV, the LG Flex is gaming compatible with a range of features and functions such HDMI 2.1 ports, 120Hz refresh rate, FreeSync Pro, G-Sync and a Gaming Hub.

Below: Enjoy an immersive experience with LG’s Flex 42” OLED TV. (Image by: LG)

Urbanista’s Solar Powered Earbuds
On the back of their first solar-powered headphones (Los Angeles), Urbanista have released details of their second solar-powered earphones. Called the Phoenix, these true wireless earbuds feature a charging case that have built-in Powerfoyle solar panels which can be charged by sunlight. The Phoenix true wireless earbuds have 8 hours of playback, with a total of 32 hours when combined with the charging case. With active noise cancellation and an IPX4 water resistance rating, the Phoenix are great for use at home, on the go and during your workout.

Above: Use sunlight to power and charge the Phoenix True Wireless Earbuds. (Image by: Urbanista)

Nextbase’s Advanced Dash Cam Connectivity
Partnered with Vodafone, Nextbase’s new iQ car camera boasts improved connectivity to provide life-saving connected features such as radar detection, smart parking and emergency SOS calls for drivers. The camera’s features can take any vehicle old or new to the next level with its connectivity and range of innovations.

The Nextbase iQ car camera includes:

  • 4K infrared system with three cameras
  • Radar detection: detects the presence of other road users
  • Roadwatch AI: uses AI technology to provide real-time tracking of the speed of other vehicles to predict and record incidents
  • Emergency SOS (ESOS): after a serious accident, the camera automatically notifies first responders about the location and other important data
  • Smart Sense Parking: uses spatial awareness tech with AI to record critical moments before and after any event

Connected to the Nextbase cloud, the iQ car camera continuously updates itself so that drivers have access to the latest safety features.


Unveiled technologies and products at IFA 2022 makes us excited about the future of electronics. As advanced technologies work to enhance business, productivity, and life at home, they also by their nature and function promote greater sustainability for a greener future. Check out more technologies and see sustainable tips and tricks to transform your home below.


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