5 Reasons Why You Need a Dashcam


From your commute to the school pick up or the family road trip, wherever you go, stay protected with a dashcam in your vehicle. Approximately 1 in 5 Australian drivers have a dashcam installed in their car. An important investment on the road, we’ll explain 5 reasons why you need a dashcam in your vehicle.

1. Records car accidents.
Dashcams are small cameras that records the road when you’re driving. They are usually powered by the cigarette lighter cable or can be hardwired into the fuse box. Dashcams are mounted onto your windscreen inside the car.

Often dashcams record footage of an accident, road rage incidents or when a pedestrian crosses in front of you. The dashcam records automatically once you have started the car and records in a loop onto an external memory device such as a micro SD card.

2. Unbiased evidence for insurance claims.
Protecting your word and your wallet, dashcam footage is vital when you’re submitting insurance claims. If the collision was someone’s else fault, simply by saving and sharing the footage with your insurance company, you can avoid all the he said, she said. A dashcam is your unbiased witness.

In many dashcam models, you can transfer the dashcam footage to your computer or smart device. In cases of advanced Wi-Fi connected dashcams, you can just upload the footage to a cloud or online portal to view and share.

3. Report reckless or illegal behaviour.
Whether it’s footage of a hit and run or a speeding car that mounts the kerb and causes damage, a dashcam in your car would be a worthy witness.

4. Keep your car safe.
Most dashcams have a ‘parking mode’ that automatically powers on and records when it detects that your parked car is hit. With ‘parking mode’ activated, you’re more likely to catch the perpetrator.

5. Record road trips.
From the hilly countryside to a sunset by the coast, record road trip vision on your dashcam for a trip that will never be forgotten.

Protect yourself from high insurance bills, keep others safe by sharing reckless road behaviour or capture stunning road vision with a dashcam. View our range of dashcams and see which model is best for your needs on the road.


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