3 Steps to a Clean Washing Machine

Your washing machine goes through a lot. Maybe your household runs a wash every couple of days, or you’ve got a lot of the kids’ dirty school uniform to wash, perhaps you even throw in some muddy sneakers and sports gear every weekend. No matter what lifestyle and washing machine type you have, your washing machine needs just as much care as your clothes.

Just as you would service your car to ensure it runs smoothly, so too does your washing machine need cleaning and maintenance. To make the most of your washing machine’s performance and to ensure effective results from every wash, we’ve collated the top three, simple steps to clean your washing machine.

1. Clean the door and door seal regularly.
By cleaning the washing machine’s door and door seal, this helps remove grime and bacterial build up that may find its way onto your clothes in future washes. Use a soft cloth and household cleaning spray to wipe down the door. For the door’s seal, you may need a sponge to wipe down the rubber seal. A toothbrush may be useful to clean harder to reach areas. Ensure to dry the door and door seal thoroughly to prevent mould.

2. Simple maintenance.
There are many other things you can do after every wash to maintain your washing machine and keep it in top shape. Some of these include:

  • Remove any debris, human and pet hair if it has made its way to the wash
  • Remove and clean the lint filter
  • Leave the door ajar (if possible) to help extend the life of the door seal
  • If you have a front load washing machine, leave the door ajar (if possible) to help extend the life of the door seal
  • Scrub hardened detergent and softener out of nooks and crannies with a toothbrush (don’t forget the detergent dispenser too)

3. Use the drum cleaning cycle.
Run the drum or tub cleaning cycle as per your washing machine’s instructions. A lot of the time, the wash cycle will be called something like “Drum Wash”, “Drum Clean” or “Self-Clean Cycle”.

If your washing machine does not have a self-clean cycle, you can run a hot wash cycle with any cleaning agent such as bleach, vinegar, a dishwashing tablet or a speciality cleaner. For bleach and vinegar, a half cup of solution is recommended when using the hot wash cycle. Once the hot wash cycle has been finished, make sure to wipe down all surfaces of the tub to remove any residue (of the vinegar, bleach or cleaning agent you used).

Many washing machine brands have models that naturally come with an automatic drum or tub cleaning cycle. Some of these brands include Samsung, Fisher & Paykel, Beko, Electrolux and LG. If you’re looking to upgrade or replace your washing machine, below you’ll find some washing machines that feature self-cleaning wash cycles. Browse, compare, read reviews and find them at your local retailer before you shop in store or online!

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